The price of a book…

The other day I sent a pre-publication copy of the book to a fellow dog walker. Today he flagged me down. I thought he was going to tell me he’d been too busy to read it – this is, after all, Hong Kong. Apparently not. He loved it. “Real page turner,” “Great twists,” “Not like other SciFi” “Really good read”. “Loved the short chapters.” (meaning he could break away to get some work done!) We got chatting about it. I forgot I was walking my dogs. Almost lost Rocky again. Maybe USD1.99 is a fair price after all.

Another friend told me not to kill Petroff. But Scat’s telling me I’ve been holding him back for too long. He wants to put his hands round his neck and watch his face flush, darken, then go blue. He wants to do it a few times, over a few days; taking him to the edge and back. He wants him to feel like a japanese murderer on death row who’s taking his weekly trip to the doctor, never knowing if this is “The One”. He wants him to have hope, then destroy it, or feel the despair and make it last. I know he wants him dead.

Up till now, I’ve been wracked with doubt. And not just about Petroff. Let’s face it, once Scat’s out there in the digital universe there’s no hiding place. If it’s crap, it stays crap and it stays public. It’s not as though it can be pulled from the shelves and pulped. So maybe USD1.99 is a fair price. It’s the same as for a gram of Prozac from Canadanorthofhongkong ie Guandong. I understand that’s enough to quell the panic.

The second Scat novel (alternate titles: “Scat and the Harvesters” or “Soul Army”) is already shaping up. I couldn’t just leave Scat where I left him – I might be mean, but I’m not cruel. And it’s proving to be as much fun to write as the first one was – there’s no need to explain anything; it just gets straight to the story. As with “Scat”, it’ll have a few more sharp turns, and underlying the action will be a few questions – if you’re of a mind to ask them. And I’m hoping you’ll recognise the characters. After all, we work with them. The beggars follow us around where ever we go. Even to M31.