BIRDIE DOWN – Always free at Smashwords

The download count for BIRDIE DOWN from Smashwords and Amazon is running at a dead heat, but virtually all the downloads from Amazon originate at because isn’t distributing the book for free. That’s a pity. I’m a British writer, and I’d like Brits to read the story.

If you like SF and want to read it, but you are a die-in-the-wool British Kindle user, then there is a way around it. Go to Smashwords, set up an account (its free and simple), download the Kindle for pc version and then drag it across to your Kindle. I tried it and it works, and if I can do it, so can everyone else. The additional plus is that it arrives as a DRM-free book. That means you can use it on any Ereader. Or even gift it.

BIRDIE DOWN is the first episode in the Outer-Rim rebellion and is written for YA and up (which includes any bored or stressed execs who want to leave the office for a while–without actually leaving it!). The background for the story is told in the first 100 chapters of SCAT, but I’ve included a little more back story in the latest version of BD, so you don’t need them to enjoy this book.

Please check it out and let me know what you think of it. A blogger recently posted this comment about the book. It wasn’t so much a review, as to explain why she liked it so much:

“This is a great yarn, a gun blazing adventure, with just enough horror to give you a feel for the dangers lurking on the planet. Graham did a good job of creating first tier and second tier characters. The story had me turning pages as fast as I could and I was sad when it ended. This book is part of a larger work called Scat so it does sort of start in the middle of the action much like short stories do. The good news is there is more to the story.”

I hope you agree with her. It’s free, so why not check it out? Maybe even tell a friend. Or give it a rating:-)

Tpyos, Cotrncations, elpilses, and smei-cloons

I’d like to thank the reviewers and bloggers who have read Birdie Down, and liked it enough to contact me with notes on what typos to look out for; offered tips on how to smarten up the little niggles like POV, compound nouns and contractions; and helped to clarify a whole host of other writing rules that I either left behind at school, or never knew existed!

I can assure you, I didn’t blow you off. Anyone who offers encouragement alongside constructive criticism gets my vote.

After two weeks of hunting the culprits down, I’ve caught as many as I can, and have republished at both Smashwords and Amazon. I must say it reads better. I hope you think so too.

Thank you.