And finally …

… the Scat re-edit is done, finished, completed. It is buffed, polished, varnished and gilded. At least as far as it can be, without a professional editor or the resources of a publishing house. Praise be to Visa and the internet for and give thanks to picky reviewers. They keep you fresh, don’t they?

Seriously, though, it is now a smoother read. If you picked up the story earlier, and want a cleaner copy, please let me know. If you got your copy from Smashwords, then the site should let you download the latest version free of charge. The same may be true of Amazon, but I wouldn’t know. The updated versions for Barnes & Noble, Apple and Sony may take a week or so to feed through the Smashwords grinder.

If you haven’t yet gotten yourself a copy, then go ahead, grab it. It’s currently the #2 ranked novel in Smashwords’ science fiction adventure category, #3 in Space Opera, and #16/996 in science fiction overall, which is a big and most pleasant surprise, as it is competing against some seriously entertaining Indie publications.

And remember: Birdie Down, a spin-off from this story, is always there as a free read.



SCAT #5 in Smashword’s Space Opera category

Well, I’ll be blowed. At the time of writing, SCAT is #5 in Smashword’s Space Opera category. If you don’t have a copy, grab it now. Available in all e-reader formats without the annoying DRM. It’s A ‘riviting’, ‘intelligent’ ‘hard sf thriller’ with a ‘drop-jaw coda’.

I’m Back …

Yep! South Africa is still as good as I remembered it. Good friends, a diverse and friendly nation, beautiful wild animals and some of the most terrific countryside in the world. Sharing a deserted MacDonald’s in Tokai with a group of heavily tattooed Cape Town Numbers Gang was possibly my only awkward moment. Mind, it was after dark, they were arguing over the bill, and four truck-loads of ADT security lay in wait outside, wearing their helmets and carrying shotguns. I then slept through a hail of pistol fire coming from the direction of Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison later that night. But as there was no mention of it in the newspapers the next day, I figure that was for someone’s birthday.

Anyhow, diversion aside, it’s back to editing SCAT, before moving on to complete ARMY OF SOULS. Can’t wait. Pity about the day job.