I’m Back …

Yep! South Africa is still as good as I remembered it. Good friends, a diverse and friendly nation, beautiful wild animals and some of the most terrific countryside in the world. Sharing a deserted MacDonald’s in Tokai with a group of heavily tattooed Cape Town Numbers Gang was possibly my only awkward moment. Mind, it was after dark, they were arguing over the bill, and four truck-loads of ADT security lay in wait outside, wearing their helmets and carrying shotguns. I then slept through a hail of pistol fire coming from the direction of Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison later that night. But as there was no mention of it in the newspapers the next day, I figure that was for someone’s birthday.

Anyhow, diversion aside, it’s back to editing SCAT, before moving on to complete ARMY OF SOULS. Can’t wait. Pity about the day job.


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