And finally …

… the Scat re-edit is done, finished, completed. It is buffed, polished, varnished and gilded. At least as far as it can be, without a professional editor or the resources of a publishing house. Praise be to Visa and the internet for and give thanks to picky reviewers. They keep you fresh, don’t they?

Seriously, though, it is now a smoother read. If you picked up the story earlier, and want a cleaner copy, please let me know. If you got your copy from Smashwords, then the site should let you download the latest version free of charge. The same may be true of Amazon, but I wouldn’t know. The updated versions for Barnes & Noble, Apple and Sony may take a week or so to feed through the Smashwords grinder.

If you haven’t yet gotten yourself a copy, then go ahead, grab it. It’s currently the #2 ranked novel in Smashwords’ science fiction adventure category, #3 in Space Opera, and #16/996 in science fiction overall, which is a big and most pleasant surprise, as it is competing against some seriously entertaining Indie publications.

And remember: Birdie Down, a spin-off from this story, is always there as a free read.




2 thoughts on “And finally …

  1. Jim, I have tagged you in a game of blog tag. Joining in is optional, of course, but you might enjoy answering the questions about your novel in progress. I’m sure loads of people would like to read them.

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