Thank you to everyone at who has answered my friendship requests, and especially those who have posted their reviews of Scat and Birdie Down on the site. If I missed  you out, please let me know. I might write Scif but I’m a technoclutz.

I used to read a book a week–historical fiction and scifi paperbacks, mostly–until the September of 2010 when I thought I’d give writing a try myself. In truth, when I first started, I had no idea how it would go. I only knew I was enjoying it, even if it meant that my reading time–for entertainment, that is, not my portfolio reporting–evaporated. It vanished. But I do aim to get back to it in the summer by which time the conclusion to the two-book Scat’s Universe series, Army of Souls, should be published.

In the break from writing, I will be looking for a good crime, a horror and a fantasy from new authors and I’ll be prepared to review them–so long as I can get over my reluctance to judge another writer’s work.

Any suggestions?

The Kardashians and our Overdraft with Earth

If you want to know how many Earths are needed before we can all live like a US resident, check out this index: – …

I wonder how many are needed to live like a Kardashian?