Cover Reveal – Army of Souls

Here it is. The cover for the up-coming Army of Souls. Thank you Cathy Helms.

The pre-launch promo continues. Grab your free copy of Scat and be ready for a truly Total War.


Check out my website for 2 Free scifi e-novels

Being an unknown author I’m letting the first novel in each of the two Scat’s Universe series go for free. Call me crazy, after all, they took two years to get right. One of them, Scat, is a complex 170,000+ word epic that has picked up some great reviews from dedicated reader blogs and a dedicated scifi website. The other, Birdie Down, is a 60,000+ word adventure described as ‘High adventure of the best kind’ and a ‘ripping good yarn’.

So why give them away? Well, it’s my investment in myself. I’m keen for readers to take a look at them and to decide for themselves that the stories I publish are worth reading – without there being any risk attached. And that the stories I publish in the future might just be worth a few of their hard-earned dollars.

So, check out the site and find out where you can grab your free copies. And if you enjoy them, please do let me know, sign up for details of new releases or even leave a review.

Happy St Patricks Day


SCAT makes it into the Top 10 at

Well, I’ll be blowed.

SCAT is currently #4 in scifi: space opera, and #16 in scifi: adventure and #44 in science fiction overall at, #1206 in all free books on Kindle.

Help me get it into the top ten in both categories, maybe even the top #100 overall where it’ll then start to get noticed: grab your copy now, tell a Trekkie, write to your MP …