ARMY of SOULS mission launch date

I’ll be uploading ARMY of SOULS to both and Amazon around 6pm, Hong Kong local time on 30th May 2013. That’s next Thursday. The Smashwords publication should be fairly quick (an hour or so), Amazon can take between 12 and 48 hours.

If you’ve read Scat and want to know what happens next, then ARMY of SOULS is a must read.

So what’s it got?

Swearing: Mild. Violence: Yeah, there’s some. Thrills: Yup! For the head, heart and soul. Attitude: Plenty. Pursuits: One of the biggest. High Stakes Conflict: You bet: this is a Scat’s Universe novel, after all. Twists: Of course.

I had great fun writing this one, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Here’s the link to my website, along with details of how you can still get SCAT for free during the countdown.

Science and Faith vs Reason

I’ve just liked the FaceBook pages for: The Magis Centre for Reason and Faith ( ), AND The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science ( )

If you want to know why my left and right brain parts are squabbling, my upcoming book, ARMY of SOULS will explain (kinda)