Me and my dawgs

Me and my dawgs

Me and my dogs. On the right, one-eyed Rocky (who will run away from the moon if it shows itself) and on the left, one-hipped Benji (who can’t run for love nor money). In the middle is me (who seems unable to shave or dress himself). But, heck, it’s a Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Me and my dawgs

    • Thank you, again, Thomas. Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been full-on at work (real work) almost every day since posting this. No time for anything other than commuting, sleeping. Such is life. I trust you are well.

  1. Just finished “Birdie Down” and found if a very good and absorbing read. Very tight and action driven. Is there another Rebellion series book 2 to come soon or are future stories to be woven into the Scat series. Whatever the format I will be reading them.

    • Thanks, Peter,

      It’s always a shot in the arm to hear from readers who enjoy reading my stuff.

      Yes. I’m midway through the second Rebellion story. I aim to finish and publish before winter blows out.

      SCAT and its sequel, ARMY OF SOULS are directly related stories. SCAT is a free read. I don’t know where you got your copy of BIRDIE DOWN from, but they are both available from Amazon, Smashwords, B&N and the others.

      I hope you enjoy them, and if you do, that you can help me out by posting a review when you’re done with them. The retailers make it an easy thing to do.

      My best wishes for Christmas. Happy reading.


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