About the Author

Jim was born in Bushey, Middlesex, England and grew up in Hatfield, Hertfordshire where he spent his early years mostly covered in mud and grazes, either stirring up the neighbourhood wasp nests, or being gated to the garden where he would forage for the earwigs and spiders he needed to make snacks for his baby brother.

He passed selection for the 21st Special Air Service Regiment at age 17 and was later commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Queen’s Regiment with which he served for several years in Northern Ireland.

Since leaving the army in 1986, he has lived and worked in Malaysia, South Africa, Belgium, Singapore and Hong Kong.

He began writing in September 2010 and has since published ‘Scat’ and ‘Birdie Down’ both based on events in Scat’s Universe. ‘Army of Souls’, the sequel to ‘Scat’ launched in May 2013 launch. The Scat’s Universe series sits squarely in the SciFi Adventure and Space Opera genre, and takes a provocative look at a few of the ideas and conflicts that resonate in today’s world: corporate greed, corrupted regulators, bankrupted governments and spiritual confusion.

Jim now lives and works in Hong Kong with his Malaysian-born wife, Vivien, two East Asian Street dogs and four pampered cats.

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    • But surely, it is the other way around, Tom. What would I have done without you spending hours pouring over my stuff? About this award, can I include bloggers who have been downright honest with me, and so helped improve what I do? … OK. I’ll read the rules. Once again, thanks. I’m honoured.

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